Forum 2006

Theme : Belonging to the World Church – Partners Together in God’s Misson
Dates : Saturday 19th August to Friday 25th August 2005
Leaders : members of the World Church Family


This year’s Holiday Forum was in many ways different from previous years, but was nevertheless enjoyable.

Dale Rominger gave an excellent introduction to the theme of ‘Belonging to the World Church, sharing together in God’s Mission’. On the following days this theme was further expanded by Francis Brienen (CWM European Region Mission Enabler) – Enriching our life and witness; Godwin Odonkor (a Ghanaian minister serving a congregation in London) – Welcoming the world church in our midst; and Mukondi Ramulondi (from Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa) – Working for justice and peace in the world. All were excellent speakers and throughout the week there was time for people to talk to them more informally. Philip Woods summed up the week in the last session of the week.

Worship was different this year – ably led by Mike Walsh and Kate Gray. Most days we were encouraged to use actions during various points of the services. Mike and Kate had decided that one of the hymns we learnt on the first day should be used (with different actions) each day. This might have been a problem for some, but the children seemed to enjoy it. At communion, on the last day, instead of bread and wine, we had assorted breads and grapes. Early morning prayers and evening meditations are always popular. Perhaps one of the highlights of the worship and theme presentations were the Taiwanese choir. They were with us all week, and joined in all the activities

Activities later in the day were varied and were well supported. Cricket again proved popular, as did the sports (which unfortunately was the only time when we had to be inside due to the weather!). Poetry reading, desert island discs, line dancing, music and musings and the pub quiz (held in the bar, not the local pub!) were well supported, as were the songs of praise, praise party and healing services. The outing to the Crich tram museum was much appreciated by those who went. There is never any pressure to go to any activity and the opting in and out as one wants is one of the bonuses of Holiday Forum. As usual, the standard of the final Forum evening was high. This is the evening when anything can happen! But everyone enjoyed themselves. and thanks were expressed to all those who had taken part.

Comments from some were: a week of fun, fellowship and family. A special light to carry us through the year; we enjoy it so much because we become part of a wider church family no matter what age we are.

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