Forum 2011

Another year on and yes I did go to Holiday Forum again… for the second time! Would it be as good as the first I wondered. Would I see some of the same people I had befriended last year and would I fit in again?

All my worries were unfounded as soon as I heard our worship leader the Rev’d Jenny Mills on the Saturday night who managed to combine throughout the week bright meaningful fairly casual services however with a steely message beneath. The Rev’d Paul Floe from Porthcawl was mesmerising with his talks every day on the lesser known characters in the Bible really bringing them to life and with his down to earth manner and helpful doctrine really made every morning a ‘special’ time. On his review of Thomas he said he didn’t like the name ‘Doubting Thomas’ as he felt doubt was an element of faith. He challenged us with the question “How do we stand out as followers of God and how do we share our faith?”

Another very interesting talk was on Rahab and her motives for hiding the Israelite spies. Not so straight forward when you analyse her personality and power she had.

The adult workshops were well attended with the photography section being a bit hit, and there was plenty for the children and young people to do – a visit to Alton Towers being one, with swimming and canoe racing, jewellery and sweet making, crafts and dance all making the week such a happy time for them.

As many said this was like an Oasis in the year – a time with fellow Christians, a time to enjoy the walks/lake and beautiful gardens in Derbyshire – a time to spend in quiet with God – in all a time to listen to what God is telling us to do. With quiet early morning worship to start the day and meditation at night (if you wanted to attend) the days soon passed with good food and evening activities.

Now the question you are going to ask – am I going again? Yes, why don’t you come too and see what you are missing?

Gaye Rees

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