The cost for the week is per person and is based on an en suite room with full board.

Full price 5% 10% 15%
Child 0-5 £47.50 £45 £42.40
Child 6-10 £152 £144.40 £136.80 £129.20
Child 11-15 £330 £314 £297 £280
Student £400 n/a
Unemployed £400 n/a
Adult £495 £470 £445 £421

* In order to assist families to come to Holiday Forum, the Steering Group has agreed that the overall price for a family be discounted based on the numbers of children in that family attending:

• one child = 5%; two children = 10%; and, three or more children = 15%

A non-returnable deposit of £30 per person or £65 per family is required to secure your booking.

Full payment is due by 12 July 2021.


Although running an online event is much cheaper than a physical one, there are some costs which we need to cover.

These include music licensing fees, Zoom subscriptions and training

As such, virtual participation in Holiday Forum this year is based on a ‘Pay What You Can’ system.

The suggested donation is £5 per day or £25 for the week.

Payments can be made via BACS to the following bank account:

Holiday Forum
Sort code: 20-73-53
Account number: 80462926

If you’d prefer to pay another way, please email

We’re serious about only Paying What You Can, though, if you can’t afford to donate anything, we still want you to join!


bursary fund policy

Background and purpose
The bursary fund was set up from donations received from attendees of the URC Holiday Forum to ensure that those suffering from financial hardship are not excluded from attending annual URC Holiday Forum events.

Income to the fund
The fund receives income from donations from those attending URC Holiday Forum.

Expenditure from the fund
Expenditure is in the form of reduced prices for attending the Holiday Forum event, and will be made in accordance with the terms of the application process below.

Management of fund
The current URC Holiday Forum treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that the fund’s income and expenditure is recorded accurately and in line with this policy.

The URC Holiday Forum Steering Group (or nominated sub-committee consisting of no less than three members of the Steering Group) shall make all decisions with regard to the approval of applications for funding. These decisions should be recorded and communicated to the applicant within two weeks of the decision.

Application process and reductions available
In order to assist families to come to Holiday Forum the bursary fund will be used to discount the overall price for a family based on the numbers of children in that family attending, by the following percentages:

  • one child: 5%
  • two children: 10%
  • three or more children: 15%

 This discount is to be applied unconditionally unless waived by the individual family.

Separately from this anyone wishing to attend the annual URC Holiday Forum event may apply to the bursary fund. This must be in writing (letter or email) either to the current treasurer, secretary or convenor of the URC Holiday Forum Steering Group. The letter/email should state the total amount of the booking at full prices without above discount (see current booking form) and the percentage reduction that the applicant wishes to claim.

 Conditions of applications
The following conditions apply:

  1. All applications are for one URC Holiday Forum event only and may not be carried forward or transferred to any other individual/family/household
  2. Any individual/family/household may only receive a reduction from the bursary fund for a maximum of 2 consecutive years. However, this condition may be waived if the individual is willing to work during the week (for example, leading a children’s group)
  3. The maximum reduction available is 50% of published prices (as published in booking forms)
  4. Any previous debts must be settled prior to application
  5. Applications must be received by 1st July in each year
  6. No backdated applications or late applications will be considered
  7. All applications will be assessed and a decision taken by either the Holiday Forum Steering Group or a nominated sub-committee of the Steering Group. These decisions taken are final.