NAMING THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM: holiday forum in a day

Saturday 20 March


Who’s Who

Cathryn O'Shea

Cathryn O'Shea

Holiday Forum Chair

I’m excited to welcome you all to the first ever Holiday Forum in a Day!  A chance for worship, all-age activities, a theme talk and discussion, and evening quiz.  Come and meet Anthony Reddie, our Theme Leader for Holiday Forum 2021 in August.

Lawrence Moore

Lawrence Moore

Theme Leader

Our session confronts the difficult subject of lives that need to matter more than they do in the Christian church.  I’ll explore issues facing BAME people in the church with Anthony Reddie, and Palestinian Christian lives with Munther Isaac.

Prof Anthony Reddie

Prof Anthony Reddie

Black lives

I’ll be talking to Lawrence about the experience of Black Christians in White churches.  We’ll look at some of the less visible features that affect us and what we might do about them: white privilege, and the spirituality and theology that we need to confront.

Revd Dr Munther Isaac

Revd Dr Munther Isaac

Palestinian lives

The indigenous Christian church is Palestinian.  Yet many western Christians assume all Arabs are Muslims, and church members must be recent converts! I’ll look at the significance of western Christian support for Israel in the current conflict.


20 March


 Our programme for the day includes some of the Holiday Forum staples that make the annual Holiday Forum a week of fun, faith and fellowship.  Enjoy your day, and think seriously about joining us 21-27 August at the Hayes Conference Centre.

10.00 am


Make yourselves at home as we welcome you all to Holiday Forum in a Day with an opening all-age worship session and a quick introduction to Zoom.


11.00 am

Lawrence Moore, Anthony Reddie & Munther Isaac

“Naming the Elephants in the Room”
Lawrence will be joined by Anthony in Oxford and Munther in Bethlehem to talk about the difficult subjects of lives that need to matter more than they do in the Christian church.


2.00 am

Open Meeting
Steering Group

Join us to review our Constitution!  We’re suggesting changes that will have far-reaching effects and implications for Forum in the future.  Come and discuss and vote on the proposals.


3.30 pm

Afternoon Activities
Steering Group

Lots of exciting online activities for all ages!  We’ll be resurrecting past online favourites like Countdown and Bingo, and introducing you to some new ones. 


7.30 pm

Thanksgiving  & Wellbeing Service
Revd Tony Lee

Every Holiday Forum features a healing/wellbeing service, and our Holiday Forum in a Day is no exception.  An opportunity to give thanks for the day and for God”s blessings in our lives, to offer and/or receive prayer, or simply to be presnt and revitalised.


8.30 pm

Holiday Forum Pub

Round off the day as we meet in the virtual Holiday Forum Pub.  A time to chat with old friends and new over drinks and snacks.  Bring your own drinks and snacks!


Make sure of your place!