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You are able to attend Holiday Forum 2024 either in person or virtually (ie online, via Zoom).  If you plan to attend virtually, simply enter your name and email address.  If you might attend in person but are unsure at the moment, select “In person” for the first question to ensure that a room will be reserved for you.  You can always change this later if you decide to attend virtually.

Fill in the form either online or by downloading a copy and emailing it to the Bookings Secretary (

If you are using the online form, please make sure you don’t leave the numbers blank.  Where necessary, leave a zero or “not applicable”.

If you wish to make an application to the Bursary Fund for up to 50% of the total cost of the holiday, please either download the Application Form below or go to the Bursary Application page and fill in the online form.

Downloaded forms should be completed and emailed either to or

Thank you.

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Do you require support from the bursary? (If yes, please complete bursary application)