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A place and a time for spiritual adventure, discovering what following Jesus means for us today!


Fun,games and competitions are a huge and important part of Holiday Forum – after all, it’s a holiday!


Holiday Forum is the place to arrive as a stranger, make friends, and leave as part of a new family!

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You have the option to attend Forum 2022 in person, or join in the virtual programme on Zoom. If you wish to join virtually, simply fill in your name and email address.

If you are unsure of your choice because of the current restrictions, please select “In Person” to ensure that a room is booked for you. You can change this option later.

To make a booking for Holiday Forum, please fill out all the fields on this form before submitting it. If any of the fields do not apply to you please leave at 0 or put Not Applicable. Thank you!

booking form

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