Forum 2009

Theme : Midrash and Mustard Seeds : The Surprising Stories of Jesus
Dates : Saturday 22nd August to Friday 28th August 2009
Leaders : Rev Susan Durber (Theme), Rev David Fraser (Worship) and Michael Beard (Music)

Reports from a few people at HF 2009:

After several years of invitations to come to Holiday Forum I finally decided to give it a try.  I had been concerned it would be too churchy, too pious and maybe just not my ‘thing’.  However this year I decided my faith did need a bit of a kick start and what did I have to lose anyway?

Where do I start to describe my first experience of Forum?  The Hayes Centre itself was an ideal venue.  The accommodation, gardnes, food and service were all excellent.

Each day there was morning worship, led brilliantly by David Fraser.  This was followed by a talk on the theme of the Parables by Susah Durber.  This was such a highlight.  Susan was interesting, though provoking and inspiring.  I’ll never think of the mustard seed in the same way again.  There there was the chance to choose from a range of workshops.  There was something for everyone including bible study, discussion, sewing, music and computing.

In the afternoons and evening there was more free time than I expected and I managed to include a three mile walk, a 5 mile walk, a visit to Hadden Hall, lots of table tennis, card games, a quiz, plenty of dancing and lots of good company, conversation and laughs.

I met lots of interesting, friendly people and was impressed with the inclusiveness of the whole week.

My only regret is that I missed the healing service, which by all accounts was a wonderful experience.

To sum up I am very glad I went to Holiday Forum this year.  It was both fun and spiritually enriching.  I would urge others who have been considering it half heartedly to just go for it.  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

A holiday with a difference

People to talk to if you want to or a quiet corner to be on your own.

Pick up with friends from previous years and/or make new contacts.

Good food and comfortable beds.  Go to bed early or stay up late.

Opportunities to hear stimulating, challenging talks and then be able to continue your stimulation with discussions.

Be part of uplifting worship and have the chance to learn new hyns.  Benefit from quiet reflective worship.  Maybe have time for some bible study.

Learn a new skill – painting, needlework, music, photography, country dancing.

Something for everybody from toddlers upwards.

What is more you can do as much or as little as you like!!

If this sounds interesting then Holiday Forum is for you – on your own, with your family or with a friend.

Holiday Forum is an uplifting experience.  It is so varied.  There is the serious side but that only takes up half the day the other half being used for social activities.  You meet people from various parts of the country or you can be alone and enjoy the wonderful setting of The Hayes Conference Centre which is in Derbyshire.  Nobody HAS to do anything but there is something for all.

I enjoy renewing friendships made over the years, the interest of the theme, which was special this year with Susan Durber explaining the parables, and most of all the inspiration of the worship which can, like all worship vary, but which is usually vibrant, uplifting and geared to all ages.

During the second half of the morning there are workshops – Bible Study, Discussion Groups, to continue thinking about the theme or something quite different – art, photography, needlework or using computers in worship.

The afternoon and evenings are filled with a variety of things but there is also plenty of time to just “Be”.

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