Forum 2012 report

A report on Forum 2012 by Tracee Sowman

Forum is a place for Fellowship, Fun and Friendship. Meeting new faces and old year in year out.

So much to do at Forum year to year and this year we had the marvellous preaching by Jane Rowell including songs from other countries, amazing sermons, making dreamcatchers with hula hoops – amazing!

Saturday night is pub quiz night and this year with the tricky Olympic questions – swear this quiz gets harder year by year!

The country dancing which I can never do as I cna’t dance for toffee!

Sweet making which my daughter attended and was rather yummy if I do say so myself.

There were various trips out : short walks, long walks, a trip to Bolsover Castle and swimming so all age groups are catered for!

My favourite part of the week was the F Factor – our own talent show. There was the fabulous Charles Leggatt, our very own Elvis ‘Mr John Cox’, the lovely dancing from two little girls, ‘cute’ Kirsty with her amazing voice, Amber with her amazing gymnastics , the amazing puppets and the drama group with the quickest version of Cinderella I have ever seen with an excellent narrator!

One afternoon we had The Forum Olympics which were Olympics with a difference – egg & spoon races, relay water bottle races, twister, Jenga, penalty shoot out and people covered in shaving foam having popcorn thrown at them – all rather good fun at Forum!

A lot of other sporting events happen during the week too including Cricket, Football, Bouncy Castle, Archery and Raftbuilding!

Our very own Forum cluedo, treasure hunt, listening to music, cinema club.

The services are wonderful exceptional too the songs of praise, the Well Being and the Children services wow!

The Forum evening showing off what we have done in the week, the tournament certificates Scrabble, and Table Tennis.

Forum every year never ceases to amaze me such fellowship and friendly people who are loving, caring and make you feel so welcome.

The amazing talents of people here the effort and energy that goes into Forum. Its amazing and I love it here it means the world to a lot of people. They come here for many reasons I can not think of a better organised Fun Christian holiday than this!

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